New Born Baby Cotton 4 Jhabla/Shirts with 4 Nappies/Langot and 4 Caps


Hand-washing is the only way to clean this item.
Type of Fit: Loose MATERIAL: Hosiery Cotton, which is soft, comfortable, and gentle on the skin. The Cozy Unisex Outfit features Full Sleeves, Smooth Sewing, and a Comfy V-neck that won’t chafe Baby’s face. The fabric is thick and soft without being heavy or sweaty, and it is suitable for four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. BENEFITS: For Your Tiny Ones, Front Open Shirts Are Easy To Use They are simple to open without causing harm to your Tiny One’s skin, and the Tying Cap and Nappy are simple to wear and comfortable for your Tiny One. Any liquid from your baby’s body might be absorbed by hosiery cotton. It aids in the removal of moisture buildup, allowing them to stay dry for longer periods of time. SUITABLE FOR BABIES AGES 0-3 MONTHS. It’s suitable for both boy and girl. It’s ideal for a festival costume, a gift, or a holiday present. Hand washing is recommended with low-temperature water and, if necessary, low-iron soap.

INCLUDES: 4 Baby Front Open Cotton Jabla, 4 Baby Tying Caps, 4 Baby Single Layer Nappies, and a total of 12 items. As a Baby Shower Gift or to Welcome a New Baby Home, provide this Adorable Set. This Set, which includes a variety of baby clothes and necessities, is sure to please new parents.


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