Mother Sparsh Plant Powered Natural Baby Soap 75g X 2


Mother Sparsh Natural Baby Soap is formulated with a botanical blend of herbs, plant extracts, and essential oils. Natural and safe substances are used for gentle and moisturising cleansing.
Silicon, parabens, dyes, phthalate, SLES, and PEG are all absent from this natural baby soap. We are well aware of the harmful chemicals, which is why we do not use them in baby goods.
Appropriate for Everyday Use: Plant Powered Natural Baby Soap may be used on a daily basis because it gently cleanses the baby’s sensitive skin without drying it out. Natural skin healers are included in this soap, which also soothes itchy skin.
Non-Allergenic: Natural Baby Soap retains the natural smell of the essential oils it contains, making it incredibly beneficial and non-allergic to a baby’s sensitive skin. Maintains pH Level: Plant Powered Natural Bathing Soap ensures that the skin’s natural pH level is maintained.


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