Dry Rubber Bed Sheet Cover


Dimensions: 36 x 39 inches For more details, please see the comparison provided in the photographs. Fabric is made of soft siliconized rubber that is gentle on the skin.
This ultra-soft sheet will protect you from spills such as fluids, pee, perspiration, and other liquids.
Whether you’re at home or on the road,
When you’re on the road, use this quick-dry sheet on a bed, a chair, a sofa, or your lap.
This is also suitable for use in a cradle, crib, or table. It is completely waterproof, as well as comfy and noiseless.
Continues to be Cool Even in the summer, it is helpful for all seasons and keeps the beds neat and ready to use at all times. This underlay sheet stops urine from pouring on the bed or body, allowing you to get rid of your filthy bed or sheets.


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